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How Are We funded?
Can you help animals like these?Animal Control and the Shelter operations depend upon fees and charges generated by our programs. These fees include License fees, shelter related charges, donations, and penalties for violations. In the past County General Fund supplemented the balance of budget needs, however, this support has been reduced to cover only a small percentage of our budget needs. Animal Control is now faced with operating primarily within the revenue generated by the department. It takes hard work, hours of balancing budgets, and dedicated staff to manage any Animal Shelter or Control Program. We are working to reduce the need for our services through education and prevention. We are reaching out to the community to make needed differences for pets and the citizens of our County.

We depend on volunteer support and rely on the hours of dedicated service our many helpers provide. We also depend upon the financial and supplementary support of funds and supplies. If you would like to help refer to the WISH LIST below or send your financial donation or questions about volunteer services to: Animal Care and Control, PO Box 299, Phoenix, Oregon 97535. We are located at 5595 South Pacific Highway in Phoenix.

Wish List

Pet food, both canned cat and dog food and dry kibble. We also need higher protein kibble for puppies and kittens. Old towels and rags for cleaning and bathing the animals. Old blankets, rugs, and other bedding for the dogs and cats. (There are a lot of people out there in need also. Please take your good blankets to the People Shelters.)

  • Washable toys for the pets to help ease the stress of kennel life
  • Bleach, laundry detergent, and dish soap
  • Pet shampoos, grooming supplies, and clippers
  • Clay cat litter 
  • Small cat litter pans 
  • Food bowls for both dogs and cats, they wear out fast
  • Spout type watering cans for filling water bowls
  • Collars and leashes
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Copy Paper

Each of the supplies above go to directly help the animals. Any support you can give makes a difference.


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