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Adult Services

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Adult Services

Adult Supervision Services consists of monitoring the behavior and movement of offenders in the community to ensure compliance with the conditions of the releasing authority.

Jackson County Community Justice currently employs 20 full time Parole/Probation Officers who supervise approximately 1800 felony offenders.

All Adult Parole/Probation Officers attend the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Academy and are certified through the State of Oregon. A Parole/Probation Officer Duties include:

  • Conducting unscheduled / unannounced contacts with the offenders in their home environments, places of employment, and other community locations;

  • Conduct searches when indicated;

  • Conduct office visits.

Other duties include:

  • Gathering information from collateral sources;

  • Participating and being available to law enforcement agencies;

  • Being a physical presence in the community to aid in the deterrence of criminal conduct;

  • Being a resource to the community and enhancing public safety through community notification;

  • Reporting to the releasing authorities, to include the Courts, Parole Board and the Local Supervisory Authority;

  • Recommend appropriate sanctions and terminations.

The Adult Services Division has embraced Evidence Based Practices (EBP) in its mission to deliver supervision service to our offender population. Adult Services use detailed offender assessments, interactive motivational interviewing, and the use of appropriate sanctions and services to reduce risk and promote offender change.

Our field supervision caseload is divided and organized into specific supervision units that are further divided by geographic regions within the county.

  • Sex Offender Unit- Supervise sexual offenders in Jackson County through a nationally recognized model.

  • Domestic Violence Unit- Supervise offenders who have committed Domestic Violence crimes, in collaboration with treatment agencies and community partners.

  • Reduced Supervision Unit- Lower level supervision for offenders who pose less of a risk to re-offend.

Community Corrections/Community Supervision
National Institute of Corrections
Oregon Board Of Parole and Post Prison Supervision
Oregon Department of Corrections
Oregon Interstate Compact
Oregon Youth Authority
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