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Budget Adoption and Amendment Process
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County Budget Adoption and Amendment Process

Pursuant to Jackson County Codified Ordinance 216.04(a), the County Administrator prepares, with input from all County departments, a recommended budget.  The budget is then reviewed, amended if necessary, and approved by the Budget Committee (which includes the Board of Commissioners and three lay members).  After approval by the Budget Committee, the Board then adopts the annual budget.

Changes to the adopted budget may be done in one of two ways:  1)  through a budget adjustment that moves appropriation authority from one category or line item to another; or 2) by a supplemental budget which increases the appropriation authority.

All Budget Committee and Board of Commissioners meetings are open to the public.  County financial administration is governed by State law under the Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 294.

Meet or contact the Budget Committee and view recorded budget hearings.


View the following budget documents by clicking on the link:

2015-2016 Recommended Budget
2014-2015 Adopted Budget
2013-2014 Adopted Budget
2012-2013 Adopted Budget
2011-2012 Adopted Budget
2010-2011 Adopted Budget
2009-2010 Adopted Budget
2008-2009 Adopted Budget
2007-2008 Adopted Budget
2006-2007 Adopted Budget
2005-2006 Adopted Budget


Learn more about our financial condition:


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