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Staff Directory


Jackson County Development Services Staff Directory

**Note: For Standard business questions and service, please call the main department numbers during normal business hours. Click here to view the main department phone numbers and business hours.

Staff Title Phone Email
Kelly Madding Director 541-774-6519 maddinka@jacksoncounty.org
Ted Zuk Building Official / Code Enforcement Supervisor 541-774-6921 zuktj@jacksoncounty.org
DeAnna Bingham Fiscal Administrator / Office Manager 541-774-6902 binghads@jacksoncounty.org
Carol Yates Planning/Building Specialist 541-774-6927 yatescy@jacksoncounty.org
Patricia Guida Office Assistant 541-774-6957 guidapa@jacksoncounty.org
Penny Rogers Office Assistant 541-774-6923 rogerspr@jacksoncounty.org
Laura Marshall Office Assistant 541-774-6950 marshala@jacksoncounty.org
Marisa Harris Office Assistant 541-774-6905 harrismj@jacksoncounty.org
Building Technician      
Sharon Barger Building Technician 541-774-6927 bargersl@jacksoncounty.org
April Strouse Building Technician 541-774-6927 strousad@jacksoncounty.org
Inspectors / Plans Examiners      
Mike Oliver Inspector 541-774-6920 oliverml@jacksoncounty.org
Mark Stevens Inspector 541-774-6177 stevenmj@jacksoncounty.org
Bob Phillips Inspector 541-774-6912 phillibh@jacksoncounty.org
Dennis Richey Inspector 541-774-6913 richeyde@jacksoncounty.org
Todd Brooks Inspector 541-774-6919 brookstd@jacksoncounty.org
Code Enforcement Officers      
Tod Miller Code Enforcement Officer 541-774-6906 millertr@jacksoncounty.org
Jason Zanni Code Enforcement Officer 541-774-6906 zannijb@jacksoncounty.org
Aleli Lawson Code Enforcement Office Assistant 541-774-6906 lawsonag@jacksoncounty.org
Planning (Comprehensive/Long Range)      
Mike Mattson Planner 541-774-6907 mattsomw@jacksoncounty.org
Craig Anderson Planner 541-774-6907 anderscm@jacksoncounty.org
Sandy Brown Planner 541-774-6907 brownsj@jacksoncounty.org
Planning (Current)      
Charles Bennett Planner 541-774-6907 bennetch@jacksoncounty.org
Frank Hernandez Planner 541-774-6907 hernanfm@jacksoncounty.org
Tracie Nickel Planner 541-774-6907 nickeltl@jacksoncounty.org
Jacob Ripper Planner 541-774-6907 ripperja@jacksoncounty.org
Ken Skyles Planner 541-774-6907 skyleskd@jacksoncounty.org
Young-sook Kim Planner 541-774-6907 kimys@jacksoncounty.org


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