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Ashland Mini-Documentaries

Bowmer in the Park
Three locally produced films will be presented by documentary filmmakers Cici and Mark Brown on Thursday, May 8, from 7 – 8 p.m., at the Ashland Branch Library, 410 Siskiyou Boulevard.
The topics range from the controversial Ashland plaza design, to the lives and deaths of musicians, Dave Martson and Robin Lawson, to what it was like to act in the Bowmer in the Park, when the theater was closed one recent summer.
A Voice for Preservation I
Lisa Alexander was a voice for the preservation of a historic small town plaza in the face of pressure to create an "any-town" plaza. This documentary captures the many battles Lisa fought. She didn't live to see the mysterious gray plaza which is now referred to by some as Pavergate. (12 minutes)
Two in a Million-A Lasting Legacy
At the peak of their talent, two extraordinary musicians, Dave Marston and Robin Lawson, are cut down by a terrifying brain disorder leaving stunned fans to question the meaning of coincidence and legacy. (30 minutes)
The Spirit behind Bowmer in the Park
During the 2011 summer season, the Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival faced the biggest crisis in its 77-year history...a broken beam in the Bowmer Theatre. Actress Robin Rodriguez gives her account of acting in an erected 600-seat tent in Lithia Park. (14 minutes)
While living in Japan, Cici Brown studied Asian ceramic techniques. When returning to the states she co-owned a prominent art gallery in Ashland and worked as a studio potter. Ten years ago, Cici’s interest turned to video production and she created Itty Imprints with her husband Mark Brown and daughter Chelsea Witnauer. Together the family has produced a children’s video series that is selling worldwide. They also have produced four documentaries that have been selected for various film festivals. Mark produces Web site trailers for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Chelsea edits and is a co-producer with Itty Imprints.
These films are sponsored by the Friends of the Ashland Public Library. For more information, please call 541-774-6996 or check out the library website at www.jcls.org.


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