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Winter Weather -- You Can Help!

 With the sun rising later and setting earlier than in summer, things change.  One of those primary changes is the onset of winter weather conditions.  You likely already know you should drive a bit different in the winter as opposed to the summer.  You’ve also been reminded by various media outlets to ‘be prepared’, ‘inspect your vehicle’ and ‘plan extra time to reach your destination’.
Our department also takes these messages to heart and much work is done ahead of time to ensure our crews are ready to respond when winter weather comes roaring into our area.  From rain to snow to ice and darkness, winter weather changes what we do to keep the public road system up and running.  Following are a few things you can be aware of to help all of us have safe winter travel on our public road system.
  • Darkness hides things – including our workers!  When responding to emergencies our crews will be out at any time during the night.  Be sure to use caution when you see flashing lights from our equipment.
  • Snow, snow, snow.  When the white stuff starts piling up our equipment gets moving to help get it out of the way.  Please remember that snow removal equipment is big, sometimes moves slow, and the road is almost always slippery where it is operating.  Be careful and slow down when you see these kinds of operations happening.
  • Ice, ice, ice.  As most of us know, this can surprise you when you least expect it.  You will see us applying sand and cinders on our roads in the winter to help minimize this risk.  Our efforts are usually limited to hills, corners, shady spots and other areas prone to freezing.  Sometimes it all gets icy and then it is even more important to drive with caution even on the straight sections of road, or even limit your travel, if possible, until driving conditions improve.  Watch for our sander trucks applying sand and be sure to not follow too close.
Soon spring will be approaching and all these efforts will be a distant memory as we plan for summer.  In the meantime, your help with all of us having a safe winter is appreciated.


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