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Jackson County Intends to Transfer Ownership of Four Historic Buildings to City of Jacksonville
Wednesday, September 05, 2012

MEDFORD, OREGON — After a collaborative process, Jackson County is intending to transfer ownership of the Jacksonville Courthouse, the Beekman House, the Beekman Bank, and the St. Joseph’s Catholic Rectory to the City of Jacksonville. A transfer is being discussed in coordination with the City of Jacksonville, the Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS), and the Jacksonville Heritage Society. A transfer will help ensure that these buildings enjoy appropriate maintenance and preservation, which has been a high priority for Jackson County.

Jackson County has been leasing the properties to SOHS, but it has become difficult for the historical society to cover maintenance and other costs. The Jacksonville Heritage Society has been subcontracting with SOHS to manage the buildings.

“Jackson County is confident that the City of Jacksonville will make the best public use of these buildings that are inside its city limits. In addition, the buildings share close ties to a community which is very much interested in their preservation for historical purposes,” said Danny Jordan, Jackson County Administrator.

The Jacksonville Courthouse, which served as the original Jackson County Courthouse and, most recently, the Jacksonville Museum, was built in 1883. The Beekman House was built between 1870 and 1876, the Beekman Bank was built around 1863, and the Catholic Rectory was built around 1868.

According to the Jacksonville City Council, “The City of Jacksonville welcomes the opportunity to assume stewardship of our historic treasures.” 

If the transfer of ownership moves forward, Jackson County will amend the lease with SOHS to remove the properties being transferred to the City of Jacksonville. An archive building in White City would be the only remaining building in the current lease with SOHS. In Jacksonville, the U.S. Hotel will remain in the lease until it is sold with potential proceeds going to both SOHS and Jackson County.


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