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Chambers of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Central Point Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Chamber of Medford and Jackson County
arrowbubble.gif City of Talent Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Eagle Point Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Medford Visitor and Convention Bureau
arrowbubble.gif Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Rogue River Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Shady Cove-Upper Rogue Chamber
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Visitors Association
Cultural Attractions
arrowbubble.gif Britt Festivals
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Fairgrounds/Expo Park
arrowbubble.gif Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Music Theater
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Historical Society
arrowbubble.gif The Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Emergency Preparedness
arrowbubble.gif FEMA
arrowbubble.gif National Interagency Fire Center
Fire info
arrowbubble.gif Protecting Your Home From Mother Nature
Federal Government
arrowbubble.gif Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Reclamation - U.S. Department of the Interior
arrowbubble.gif Centers for Disease Control: Bioterrorism
arrowbubble.gif Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
arrowbubble.gif FirstGov (Federal Government Portal)
Your gateway to Federal Government Websites
arrowbubble.gif GovBenefits.gov
This is an official government web site administered by the US Department of Labor. It helps visitors determine their potential eligibility for nearly 1,00 federal and state administered benefit programs.
arrowbubble.gif Homeland Security
This link provides information on Preparedness, Response, Recovery.
arrowbubble.gif National Institute of Corrections
arrowbubble.gif Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Transportation Security Administration
arrowbubble.gif U.S. Department of Homeland Security
arrowbubble.gif United States Environmental Protection Agency
arrowbubble.gif US Census Bureau
Fire Districts
arrowbubble.gif Applegate Fire District #9
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Fire District #3
Service area includes Central Point, Eagle Point, Gold Hill, Sams Valley and White City.
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Fire District #4
Service area includes Shady Cove and Trail.
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Fire District #5
Service area includes the City of Talent and the unincorporated areas of the County outside the cities of Ashland, Phoenix and Talent.
arrowbubble.gif Rogue River Fire District
Health Resources
arrowbubble.gif Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
arrowbubble.gif American Dental Association
ADA Mission Statement The ADA is the professional association of dentists committed to the public's oral health, ethics, science and professional advancement; leading a unified profession through initiatives in advocacy, education, research and the development of standards. ADA Vision Statement The American Dental Association: The oral health authority committed to the public and the profession.
arrowbubble.gif American Red Cross
The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.
arrowbubble.gif Bipolar Disorder Center
Healthline provides a very comprehensive overview of bipolar disorder as a critical starting point for individuals and/or their loved ones. For more information, select the indicated link.
arrowbubble.gif BOLI Rest Periods for the Expression of Milk in the Workplace
arrowbubble.gif Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon
arrowbubble.gif CDC Children's Oral Health
arrowbubble.gif Centers for Disease Control
arrowbubble.gif Emergency Procedures for Protecting Vaccine Inventories
arrowbubble.gif Guidelines for Maintaining Vaccine Cold Chain
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Vector Control
arrowbubble.gif La Leche League of Southern Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Mental Help Net
A major mental health resource site.
arrowbubble.gif Midwives On Missions Of Service
Maternity Care
arrowbubble.gif National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
This national advocacy organization has information for consumers, professionals and the public.
arrowbubble.gif National Conference of State Legislature-Breastfeeding Laws
arrowbubble.gif National Institute of Mental Health
A major resource for information on research and practice.
arrowbubble.gif Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Human Services
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Drinking Water Program
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Environmental Public Health
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Foodborne Illness Prevention Program
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Health Authority Public Health - WIC
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Health Authority Public Health-Breastfeeding Laws
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Health Authority Public Health-Worksite support for breastfeeding employees
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Health Division
Link to the Oregon Health Division Website
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Public Health Services: Acute and Communicable Disease Program
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program
arrowbubble.gif Pollen.com
arrowbubble.gif Safe Kids, USA
arrowbubble.gif State Commission on Children and Families
arrowbubble.gif U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services - WIC eligibity screening tool
arrowbubble.gif U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Women's Health
arrowbubble.gif U.S. Department of Health Human Services Office on Women's Health-Breastfeeding
arrowbubble.gif United States Breastfeeding Committee
arrowbubble.gif US Department of Agriculture SuperTracker-Food, Physical Activity and Health Tracker
Help Line
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Lottery Help Site
Oregon Lottery Web Site offers additional resources to help identify and understand the problems with compulsive gambling.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Revised Statutes
You can find Oregon laws chapters 801 through 818 are the bulk of the Vehicle Code. Chapter 811 covers rules of the road. Chapters 825 and 826 deal with Commercial Motor Carriers.
arrowbubble.gif Pay Citation On-Line
When making your payment on-line, enter ONLY your date of birth and drivers license number. Attempting to enter a citation number will cause an error.
Higher Education
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Community College
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon University
Law Enforcement Agencies
arrowbubble.gif Oregon State Police: Office of Public Safety and Security
Library Resources
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Library Services
For more information about the Jackson County Library, visit our homepage.
arrowbubble.gif Library Catalog
See available books, videos, books-on-tape, CDs, etc.
arrowbubble.gif Magazine and Newspaper Articles
arrowbubble.gif New Books
arrowbubble.gif Online Book Clubs
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Valley Genealogical Society Library
The RVGS Library maintains an extensive collection of Jackson County records from the county clerk's office and from local newspapers, with volunteers available to do lookups.
arrowbubble.gif Storytime Schedule
Local Government
arrowbubble.gif Ashland Community Development
Ashland Community Development
arrowbubble.gif City of Ashland
Information on City of Ashland
arrowbubble.gif City of Central Point
Information on the City of Central Point
arrowbubble.gif City of Eagle Point
Information on the City of Eagle Point
arrowbubble.gif City of Jacksonville
Information on the City of Jacksonville
arrowbubble.gif City of Medford
Information on the City of Medford
arrowbubble.gif City of Phoenix
Information on the City of Phoenix
arrowbubble.gif City of Shady Cove
Information on the City of Shady Cove
arrowbubble.gif City of Talent
Information on the City of Talent
arrowbubble.gif Interactive Maps (FCA)
This site allows you to view a multitude of zoning overlays in an interactive format. Locate properties, identify zoning, check for slope, view aerial photographs and much more!
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Courts
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Library District Board
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Vector Control
Reduces the incidents of mosquito borne diseases through controlling mosquito populations throughout Jackson County.
arrowbubble.gif Medford Building Department
Medford Building Department
arrowbubble.gif Medford Planning Department
arrowbubble.gif Medford Water Commission
The Medford Water Commission provides water to approximately 90,000 Rogue Valley residents.
arrowbubble.gif Phoenix Building and Planning
Phoenix Building and Planning
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG)
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Valley Sewer Services
Formerly Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority (BCVSA).
arrowbubble.gif Traffic Laws
arrowbubble.gif White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan
This link takes you to detailed information on the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan.
Pet Related
arrowbubble.gif Friends of the Animal Shelter Volunteers Group
Our volunteers help find homes for sheltered pets. They help keep pets happy and healthy while they are at the shelter by walking dogs and by grooming dogs and cats. Our volunteers make a huge difference for the animals and staff at the shelter. Visit the FOTAS web pages to find out what you may be able to do to become part of a life saving team.
arrowbubble.gif SNYP - Spay Neuter Your Pet
SNYP (Spay/Neuter Your Pet) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We provide the community with information on all known low-cost spay/neuter programs within Jackson County. In addition, SNYP provides a subsidized spay/neuter program for people who otherwise could not afford to have their pets altered.
Planning Resources
arrowbubble.gif Introductory Guide to Land Use Planning for Small Cities and Counties in Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Administration Rules (OAR's - Numerical Index)
Note: For most Land-Use related rules, see OAR Division 660 "Land Conservation and Development Department."
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon State Legislature - Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS's)
Note: See Chapters 197 and 215 for most Land-Use related laws.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon State Website
arrowbubble.gif ORMAP (Statewide GIS Application including Assessment Maps)
arrowbubble.gif Statewide Planning Goals
Professional Associations
arrowbubble.gif Association of Local Government Auditors
arrowbubble.gif Oregon State Bar
Regional Information
arrowbubble.gif 211 Info - Jackson County
arrowbubble.gif Applegate Valley
arrowbubble.gif Bureau of Land Management Medford District
arrowbubble.gif Interactive Map of Southern Oregon
arrowbubble.gif InterRogue
A regional community directory that includes cultural, recreational, business and tourism information plus links to local and regional web sites.
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Recycling Partnership
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Rural Development
arrowbubble.gif OregonLive
Site devoted to information about the state of Oregon. Includes such subjects as news, amateur to professional sports, business, entertainment, and outdoors.
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center
Jackson County 4-H, Master Gardeners, Small Farms, etc.
School Districts
arrowbubble.gif Ashland Public Schools
arrowbubble.gif Central Point School District #6
arrowbubble.gif Eagle Point School District #9
arrowbubble.gif Medford School District #549C
arrowbubble.gif Phoenix-Talent School District #4
arrowbubble.gif Rogue River School District
Service Provider
arrowbubble.gif Legal Aid
State Government
arrowbubble.gif Air Quality Index
arrowbubble.gif Child Support Calculator
arrowbubble.gif Community Corrections/Community Supervision
arrowbubble.gif Corrections News
The Official home of Corrections News.
arrowbubble.gif DEQ Woodstove Program
arrowbubble.gif DHS
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Circuit Court
1st Judicial District of the State of Oregon.
arrowbubble.gif Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA)
The Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) was created by legislation in 1979 (ORS Chapter 197) and has exclusive jurisdiction to review all governmental land use decisions, whether legislative or quasi-judicial in nature. The Legislature stated "... it is the policy of the Legislative Assembly that time is of the essence in reaching final decisions in matters involving land use, and that those decisions be made consistently with sound principles governing judicial review."
arrowbubble.gif Office of Mental Health Services
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Administrative Rules (Chapter 660 Links By Title)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Administrative Rules (Numerical Index)
This link will take you directly to a numerical index of all the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR's). Note: For most Land-Use related rules, see OAR Division 660 "Land Conservation and Development Department."
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Blue Book
Current statistics and information about Oregon and its counties and cities.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Board Of Parole and Post Prison Supervision
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Agriculture
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Corrections
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Human Services: Bioterrorism
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Human Services: Oral Health
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Emergency Management
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Interstate Compact
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Revised Statutes
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS's)
View the Oregon Revised Statutes. Note: See Chapters 197 and 215 for most Land-Use related laws.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Secretary of State
arrowbubble.gif Oregon State Archives
This link will take you to the Oregon State Archives homepage. You will be able to view Oregon Administrative Rules, Legislative Records, the Oregon Blue Book and more.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon State Legislature
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Tobacco Quit Line
Tobacco Cessation Resource
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Youth Authority
arrowbubble.gif Oregon.Gov (State Government Portal)
This is the link to the Oregon Portal
arrowbubble.gif Planning for Aggregate
A guide to land use planning for aggregate resources in Oregon.
Veterans Affairs
arrowbubble.gif 10-10EZ VA Health Benefits Application
arrowbubble.gif MyHealtheVet
My HealtheVet
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs
arrowbubble.gif US Department of Veterans Affairs
arrowbubble.gif VA SORCC White City Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Veterans Administration Medical Facilities In Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Veterans Asbestos Exposure Asbestos.com
arrowbubble.gif Veterans Asbestos Exposure Mesotheliaoma Guide


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